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(no subject)
It's a bright sunny Saturday, I have both my boys with me, and I'm feeling horrible depression because of stuff I've read in the last two days. Gotta find more cheerful stuff to read and/or do.

I'd read bradhicks's site, in which he makes an excellent case that the slaves of ancient Greece had much better worker's rights than I do right now, and arguably better living standards if we exempt the superior technology of modern medicine.

And I've read about a third of "An Underground Education," by Richard Zacks, in which, broadly speaking, he argues that every famous success story you can think of is based on fraud or chicanery of some nature. Problem is, so what if he's right? He destroys a valuable dream without putting anything of value in its place.

Laundry, then lunch, then treehouse. Maybe treehouse will help me feel better.