March 30th, 2003

Funny breakfasts, funny lives

Had a durian for breakfast today. Didn't stink as badly as predicted; didn't taste quite as good, either - about halfway between flan and tapioca. I suspect it had been sitting in the grocery store's cooler for quite some time, which might have something to do with the blander flavor.

Have to get my paperwork together for my lawyer tomorrow; need to sum up all debts and get tax records from Gail. She will insist that I have them, which I don't; she'd filed electronically and hadn't generated paper copies.

She's also buying a house with the proceeds from the sale of our Teaneck house, and moving her parents up from Arizona to live with her. This will be interesting; she's already having problems giving the boys what they need, and she's taking on two more helpless dependents. And the boys and her parents can't stand each other. Not a surprise, really; her parents can't even stand each other, let alone anyone else.

If I could ever get this in front of an honest judge, it'd be such a slam-dunk in my favor that I don't think her head would stop vibrating for a week. OTOH, I'm in New Jersey, which has the worst record in the Union for men's rights. I will forbear comment on the availability of honest judges.

My stay at my parents' place did help me settle my head quite a bit. It'd be no favor to the boys to stay near them and let them watch Gail grind me into the dirt; if I can't get the resources I need to stay here, it's better for all concerned for me to close up shop here and move back in with my folks until I've created a stable and independent life for myself. All concerned except Gail, that is; she'll be furious at losing her free live-out nanny. Sorry.

The resources I need are an enforceable order of support that takes into account both our relative incomes and my extra expenses in having to move to follow her after she kidnapped the boys, and a change in venue to where we now live. If I get both, I can stay here; if I miss on either one, I can't.