June 22nd, 2003


I'm back in San Pedro again -- anyone in the LA area who'd like to get together for a cuppa, give me a holler -- and musing on why I'm not actually using this journal for what it's here for.

I'd been talking with Ben about this awhile back; he'd commented about people putting things up on LJ that he didn't think they ought to be publishing. Not because he objected to it, but because publishing it might have repercussions on the author, without accomplishing any apparent good. Welcome to the Age of Ashcroft. (Those of political bent might want to take a look at http://www.wage-slave.org/scorecard.html)

There's something to that; I'm engaged in a hostile divorce, and my stbx has shown moral restraint and a sense of fairness that would shame a skunk. But she's also not irrational, and she's already gotten 95%+ of what she wants - the kids, the house, the money - so the odds of her or her attorney diligently searching the net for more material are rather slim.

And I could really use to take my head apart among friends and look at the contents. I've got two months to do it in, and I know I'll need the input. What say ye?