July 6th, 2003

Satisfactory Sunday

Took #1 Son hang-gliding today. He had a good time, about ten flights; I socialized some with the instructor and the other pilots, watched the ships (I've got a very cute pocket telescope, which is a bit small to be practical, but the optics are good), and stared at the two books I brought with me to read. I don't count this as laziness; I hadn't brought something like a patio umbrella, and trying to read at an LA beach in July without some form of shade is not a good idea, if I plan on keeping my eyesight for long. I do, so I didn't.

He starts class at Otis tomorrow, which means I have to find a place somewhere near there that either has a wireless link or will let me jack in. Doing the round-trip from Pedro to the LAX area twice daily is the other option.