July 14th, 2003

Thrashing, and dripping

See, the thing that has me worried is that I'm hearing from all sides that the best thing to do right now is be as nicey-nicey and conciliatory as possible without actually giving away anything that counts. And what I'm familiar with from twenty years of history is that her attitude is to take anything she can get; that the only 'no' signal she understands is a stiff shot in the snoot. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

So maybe the best course of action is to bark as loudly as I can, repeatedly, and see if that gets her to back off. Risk here is that, as she thinks she's got the power position, she'll try to stomp me into the ground. In terms of the facts of the case, she's up shit creek, but in terms of being in a court system that gives Mommy whatever she wants unless she sets fire to the judge, she's in pretty good shape.

Bark? Whimper? Grovel? I'm not used to any of these; I'm used to calmly, clearly, firmly stating my case. Which she responds to with scorn and pseudo-subtle threats, on a par with a suited Mob gorilla saying, "Nice shop. Yez don't wanna have any accidents around here, do yez?" So: Bark, whimper, or grovel? Or perhaps someone can suggest another option?

And I'm spending so much time spinning on this that I'm not getting anything else done. Okay; I'll find an Aikido dojo today and see if I can wangle some time throwing Sensei across the room. Followed by productive work.

On sudden, sodden, second thought, I think I'll get my nose to stop bleeding, first.