July 16th, 2003

Bluebird casserole

So I got up at 3am, wrote up a new resume and sent it off to Happy, wrote a new response to the mediator (a bit less inflammatory than the first three drafts; didn't even mention perjury, kidnapping and extortion) and sent it off, did two loads of laundry, showered and did the rest of the Morning Ritual, and had breakfast with #1 Son. Not bad for before eight AM.

Now to take him off to school, meet my LMW ride for coffee and logistics, and go to the ER to get a sponge shoved up my nose. Isn't there someone kinky I could find who could do that for me, enjoy the process, and not want several hundred dollars for it?

And then comes writing up the Parenting Plan, adding changes to account for what if I can't afford to live where SWWNBN wants me to. Followed by more paperwork until it's time to pick up #1 Son again, go to the Santa Monica munch, and take him to Aikido.

More good news; I'm even starting to hear conservatives considering impeachment. Seems some of 'em have a sentimental fondness for when we used to have a Constitution...