July 19th, 2003

Black comedy

Got response back from mediator. This is verbatim, with names replace with titles in parens:

"...(Polydad), you provide your budget analysis.

(SWWNBN), you then tell us why his analysis is wrong."

No kidding. Gee, I'm glad she's impartial and court-appointed.

Now where's that thinking cap?

I need to concentrate on building a new family life for my boys, and I keep getting caught up in the Collapse )

But, I've got to put this out of my mind and start figuring out how to behave as a single dad raising two gifted boys.

I'm having a little trouble concentrating.

#2 Son will be here tomorrow. I'm trying to find a trumpet for him. Maybe I can find a filk in the area to take him to. I don't know what I'll tell him about the fall.
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