January 25th, 2004

Back from the road, one nephew now a fountain pen

Let's see if I can start using this thing properly.

Just got back from D.C., where the boys and I watched Cousin Elliot get bar mitzvahed. Gabe got to close the door of the ark, and was quite proud of himself. Zack managed to sit through a whole service, and was willing to admit it wasn't as unpleasant as he'd expected. My sister Lori managed to keep Mom and *her* sister separated for most of the time, which cut down on the amount of sniping that went on. Dad didn't show, which was sad, but expected.

The boys had a great time playing with their cousins. Zack and I got some talking done on the way down; on the way back he just wanted to read. Okay.

And now I'm back home in New Jersey, and the boys are over at Gail's place, and I'm lonely. I went to the market earlier this evening, so there's enough to eat here in case we get snowed in, but *here* isn't really *home*. Home has children in it. And dogs.

And having just spent the whole weekend with the Extended Biological Family, I can't really call *them* up. I had to bawl out Mom for sniping again on Friday, so I rather suspect that if I tried calling her up I'd get my ear chewed off.

The most fun I've had recently has been writing to T., whom I may have scared off at this point. I'd generated a lovely plan based on the hypothesis of convincing her to move her polyclan here so I could see if I fit in it. Lesbian Date syndrome. (Maybe there's a Lesbian Fig syndrome, too?)

Important And Immediate Stuff:
Get some kind of immediate job to pay bills with.
Get into graduate school.
Get a new place to live in HP that has room for the boys.

Important Habit Stuff:
Daily exercise
Remember meds
Remember veggies
Cut down on overall food

Okay, let's see how much of this I can get done this week. No place in today's paper for rent in HP with more than one bedroom, so I've already done *something*. Next: Professor-hunting on the web.

Have a good life, y'all.