January 26th, 2004

Good Morning, New Jersey

So it's nearly eleven AM, and all I've done so far is read fiction and do email. As per yesterday, major priorities are:

Get into grad school
Get new place to live
Get makework job until grad school

My first reflex is to ask, "So why am I sitting around reading?" This is the Wrong Question to Ask. Why, you might ask?

Because, as an Engineer Brain, if I ask that question, I'll answer it. And what the hell good would that do? Okay, now I *know* why those five hours disappeared. Will that keep it from happening again next time? Somehow I don't think so.

The fiction was seriously good, at any rate. "Lamb", by Chris Moore. I'd read his "Practical Demonkeeping", which was good; I started this one because my Mom of all people was reading it, and we happened to be in the car together over the weekend.

The subtitle is "The Gospel according to Biff, Christ's childhood pal." As near as I can tell, it's not inconsistent with about 98% of what's known about the new testament. And funny as hell. The six-year old Jesus putting a dead lizard in his mouth -- not Kosher!! -- and rescusitating it, then giving it to his little brother, who kills it again. Repeat. Later, Jesus travels to Tibet for martial arts training, and invents Jew-do.

Back to practicum: I checked yesterday's paper, and there are no multi-bedroom units for rent in Highland Park this week. So much for Item #3. Re: professors, I can go over to the Rutgers Psych department and buttonhole people and find out which professor might be good for me. Sounds like a winner; I should shower, first. I can also check out RUOC and Rutgers Squares while I'm at it. I have to be back to pick up Gabe at 2:30pm; he's got a 4pm rehearsal today for Swan Lake.

More later, about T. and, separately, Zack. They don't have anything to do with each other, yet, except connection to me.