February 2nd, 2004

Getting Monday started

It's Monday morning, and I've been up for two hours, trying to get my brain kick-started.

Things I could do today:

Go to Rutgers Psych department, and quiz the staff about which professors I should go visit. Then, if they're in, visit them. This is what I'd had planned for the day.

Clean my room and do my laundry. Other mundania I could do: get the washer fixed, or get in touch with Marah and see if I can get the other washer back. Clean out the car and see if I can fix the horn. Get a valve for my radiator so I can control the heat in my room; it may be freezing outside, but I'm pouring sweat in here and the windows are painted shut. Get some curtains and hang 'em. Clean out my Yahoo inboxes. Start a notebook of my poly writings from the Y! inboxes. Go buy a durian. Get the box on the porch emptied.

Call the Eden school and try to talk them into creating a position for me. They're not there 'til 9am, but other than that, not a bad idea.

Go to Newark and try to get the '96 ticket straightened out. Endless frustration, but eventually necessary. I'd planned this for tomorrow.

Look for a new place to live. I've got the paper; call the ads and go look. Also no good 'til 9am.

Hunt for a short-term job. Start with the temp shops on Albany street. Call Doug at J&J.

Go to the Y and do my usual daily workout. Vetoed; seems to lead to coming back and going to sleep, rather than getting a day started. Early afternoon would work; evening I'm taking Gabe to his dance lesson, so I'd be getting back too late.

Write. Veto; I don't need to do that during business hours, so I can do it later. Want to start email dialogue with Zack, and also start writing the Poly/Mars ficton. Also need to write email to Gail re: scheduling with boys, so that I get some of the vacation time with them.

Took Zack to arcade after Japanese yesterday; he befriended Roger, another DDR fanatic. We went to Baja Fresh for dinner. Zack admitted to enjoying himself; good. Minimal conversation.