February 9th, 2004

Pluggin' along

Still in Electronics Hell -- computer's in the shop, cellphone's not working. Landline is at least functioning, though I don't have the number memorized yet. I *think* it's 732-249-4034, but I wouldn't bet money on it.

Spent an hour so far today on the phone with Verizon about the cellphone, they offered to solve the problem on the spot for about $250, but if I wanted them to actually keep to their contract, first they need to send me paperwork to review, then I call them back. Maybe by next week.

Mild aaargh. Next: Househunting, then court-hunting, then jobhunting, then insurance hunting, then schoolhunting.

Or skip to Step #37, and go shoot Elmer Fudd.

(no subject)

Gabe decided he doesn't want to go to dance today, so I've got the evening free. Anybody up for company?

Reading "The Essential Difference," by Simon Baron-Cohen. As of Chapter 3, it's a waste of time; with all the ballyhoo, I do hope it gets better. And with the laptop still in the shop, it's kind of a pain taking notes.

Simon divides the mind into Empathizing and Systematizing; declares E female and S male, and then goes on and on about the value of E, with vigorous nods to Political Correctness every other sentence or so. Feh.