February 14th, 2004

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Have had a cold all week; nose still running like a marathon contender, but starting to feel human.

COmputer still in the shop -- so much for the five-day turnaround guarantee. Frank will bring me a loaner laptop, now postponed to this evening at 5pm. He's also supposed to get me phone numbers for the Hudson County court clerk, and Dickie Robinson. Those have been waiting for two weeks now; Frank is good-hearted, but not timely. He did take the boys and I to lunch on Friday; some of the best raw fish I've had.

More shit from Gail on summer plans; she's busy building a new obstacle course between me and the boys. This one verges on illegal; if she goes a bit more over the top I may have legal grounds to demand full custody.

Finished reading Mars and Return to Mars by Ben Bova. Not bad.

Took Gabe to dance on Wednesday and Friday, and to shul on Friday.

(no subject)

Frank did finally show up, and one trip to the store for a new network card later, and I can actually use the 'net from home again. Yay!. Now if only I could run faster than my nose...