February 15th, 2004

(no subject)

Not quite up to human yet, but hopeful for the week.

Events on tap: Get to take Zack shooting tomorrow; Social Time with Son, Yay! Thursday morning breakfast with Beth, whose face I don't know yet. She lives in TN with husband Dan, who blows things up in an effort to get them to go zoooooom. He's partly successful. Zoooooom... bang! would be better than Baaaaaang... zoom.

Priorities: School, housing, job. Need to call Dr. Harris for an appointment, visit Columbia, NYU, and New School to find out who to talk to, and call Eden School and volunteer to work for 'em. Even better if they also pay money, but I need to work for 'em more than I need 'em to pay me. Apply for jobs; re-up my membership at Professional Services Group.

Trivialities: Cell phone, DMV, lawyer, insurance. Timewasters that I *need* to attend to, but don't want to waste time on. Need to call Steve for advice on dealing with lawyer. Need to get number from Frank on who to call at DMV; his being a sheriff at least means the clerks won't lie to him just to get him out of the office. Need to spend hours on the phone with Verizon's billing department, and, probably, end up just suing them anyway. Anyone want to join in a class-action suit against fraudulent billing practices? I don't; I've got better things to do with my life, but it may be the only way to get my cellphone service back.