February 18th, 2004

(no subject)

Doing better today; got up at a normal-for-Joel time, farted around, went to the gym. Have my own laptop back after only three weeks on the guaranteed-five-day turnaround.

So: Rebooting and prioritizing:

Kids: Have appointment with Zack's math teacher tomorrow. Should tell Gail, to be nice. Debating whether to ping her on all the kidstuff going on she *doesn't* inform me of; on the one hand, I want a paper trail that I kept my rights by exercising them, on the other, her reaction to being pinged is to punish people. Supposedly taking Zack shooting with Frank on Saturday; we'll see if that happens. Ubercon is a week from Friday; need to talk to boys about that. Gabe has dance class this afternoon; I need to start checking out other dance companies, the RU Gymnastics, and the NYHS for Performing Arts. Need to start doing Aikido again; need to get gi's from Gail.

Career: Need to talk to Dr. Harris at Rutgers, cruise the NYU and New School websites, and call the Eden School. That's a lot for one day; enough. Oh, and read Simon some more.

Job: Re-apply at Starbucks; check temp agencies in NewBrunswick. Frank will show me a CPA firm looking for tax help on Thursday, which come to think of it is tomorrow.

House: Not much to do 'til the weekend. Can cruise the streets looking for signs, I suppose.

Mundania: Call Newark Courts today; also call John Wise and ask him if he knows a fixer. Check out other sources if he doesn't. Do COBRA call, and paperwork. Deposit Gail check at bank. Pay Gabi for storage. Nuke my room. Clean out the car. Set up printer and start emptying Yahoo mailbeex. Noodge cardiologist. Get new Arthrotec prescription. Get more cough medicine, too.

Now, off to be productive. First, shower.