February 19th, 2004

(no subject)

It's 4:30am and I'm up, and will probably stay that way.

Going into the city to meet Beth Harper for breakfast, and then sticking around to visit the New School and NYU. I've been fantasizing with Beth and her husband Dan about Mars emigration, which given Dan's tech expertise might be actually doable. She's the social half of their marriage and he's the Engineer, a pattern which is familiar in my life, as my parents are still using it and making it work.

Got a lawyer recommendation from John Wise to handle the '96 Newark ticket. Next question: Do I trust the System, or not? Probably yes, due to lack of viable alternatives. Now to handle the COBRA paperwork, and see if I can quench the feeling of being nibbled to death by gnats.

Maybe if I could get myself to start doing my creative work here, it'd start getting comments. Interaction would be good.


Didn't connect with Beth. Punted going to NYU and New School. Came home, read email, cleaned the kitchen, spoke with TK on the phone, and took a nap. Tried working out an idea-outline for my research; generated a little gibberish. Went to meet Frank for coffee; he didn't show up. Still there, at the moment.