February 20th, 2004

(no subject)

Got back to bed at six; the phone woke me up just before eight -- Gabe is sick; Gail wants me to take him to the doctor so she won't miss work. And she's started him at a new doctor. In theory, we have legal joint custody, and such things are supposed to be joint decisions. In practice, I don't even get informed after the fact, except by accident like this. Humph.


Working on an outline for a Mars colonization mission. Colonizing, not visiting; no real intention of returning, except for visits.

Who'd want to go? Volunteers?

How many of us would we need to form a viable colony? My seat-of-pants guess is a minimum of a hundred; any input would be appreciated. That's adults. Kids should come too, but I'm not counting them towards that hundred.

How do we prevent the same sort of political/social decay *there* that's one of the reasons for leaving *here*?