March 1st, 2004

Sloth attack

Got up at six today, as scheduled, and was promply stymied by the problem you get when seven people try to share one shower. Instead of being creative (as my bro pointed out, I could go across the street to the Y, work out and shower there), I read crap fiction 'til 3pm, when Gabe called and said he didn't want to go to dance today.

Yesterday was odd, if better. Gail talked Gabe out of wanting to go back to Ubercon so she could take her mom to Costco, so I took Zack to Japanese class. Interesting conversation en route; I managed to outline most of the elements of my research to him, and he said they made sense. He doesn't see why the finished product would be useful, but he can identify the product. This is Good.

If anyone would care to call, I could sure use to hear a voice. 732-249-4034.