March 4th, 2004

Somebody lose a Wednesday?

Went on EDEN tour in the AM. Went to PSG IT meeting at noon; went back to EDEN to retrieve my jacket, then went to get Gabe for dance. He didn't want to go, so we went to Cleo's for a munchie and then took a walk in Donaldson Park while discussing his recent record of dance truancy. He spent the time finding a dead turtle to bring home, but he does have this tendency to listen while appearing not to. Net result, he agreed to attend diligently for the rest of this year (i.e., til June) and then discuss over the summer whether to go to SAB at all next year. His friend Daniel used to go to the RU gymnastics class; what else might we involve his friends in?

Summer's going to be Busy; I need to work out a more detailed schedule and contact all the folks I'll need to contact about that. How many folks can we realistically visit on a cross-country drive? Has Zack talked with Caro yet?


It's pouring and gloomy out, dammit. Ignore it and move on; my change-weather abilities aren't up to much right now.

Email to Gabe, confirming our Long Talk of yesterday.
Email to Dr. Harris to try to get a f2f with her over becoming her grad student.
Find and mail COBRA paperwork.
Call Cindy at EDEN and ask for a job.
Finish reading EDEN book (and arrange to discuss it with Reb Kogan as a model for community).
Cancel OnLine Supplier

Not Today:
Contact Doug Petrie and see if he can help with job hunt
Contact RU Outdoors Club and RU Squares
Apply for sub teaching jobs
Contact Columbia, NYU, New School
Take care of DMV stuff

Cardio workout; I've skipped a few days. Need to watch that.
PSG: Daily Contact. Need to find some real humans to talk to; talking to walls would not be productive. If any real humans, or real aliens, for that matter, care to volunteer, the number was posted a few days back.

Job -- see Doug, above. Noodge Starbucks, Cleo's again.
Housing -- Drive around and look for signs; paper isn't helping.
Academia -- see above re grad school. Could start researching funding sources, too.
Mars -- talk with several Daniels re: powerplants and Beths.
Fictons -- write something, damnit.