March 5th, 2004

(no subject)

Got note to Gabe written. Read Zack's Xanga post, with much irritation; it's going to take a derrick to help him get his head out of his butt on that one. Gail wanted to discuss Gabe's dance; not as painful as it could have been, I suppose.

Didn't get much else done; try again tomorrow. Or later today, as may be. Sleep, first.

More Nasty Ex Shit

Gail's playing games with the child support money again. Had to blow the whole morning running around courtrooms and parole offices in two counties. Was this government deliberately designed to make it impossible to get anything done?

And now I'll also have to describe why I wasn't spending that time looking for work, too. Know anyone who'd hire a 47-y.o. white male, whose employment record is spotty due to twenty years of being a primary support spouse? I've also got a decade of IT experience, and I've been an electrician, accountant, massage therapist, restaurant manager, child care operator, database jock, and graphics technician.