March 8th, 2004

Monday. Okay; it happens.

Took Gabe to the Purim carnival yesterday, then helped him with his book project in between trips to the laundromat. Have appointment with Bergen courts tomorrow morning; have to get data ready for 'em. If I can get it ready earlier, I can try getting it through the Middlesex courts this afternoon and save myself two hours driving, at a cost of having to finesse several new bureaucrats. (The M'sex courts will tell me to take it to Bergen 'coz that's where Gail filed; having been to the Bergen courts I can now assure them that they, M'sex, can indeed take the matter, even if shoving it off on someone else would make their personal lives easier.) While I'm doing paperwork, I need to find and submit the COBRA papers, too.

Had a Household Meeting last night, which went well. Had been dreading it, because Liz had been on the warpath about housekeeping, and expressing it by making big deliberate messes, which embarrassed Megan no end, and then both of 'em took out their tempers on the rest of us. But Ahmed had a talk with Liz that resulted in Liz posting a public apology on the fridge and cleaning up the messes, and Megan was willing to vent her temper in the meeting and let go of it and be done with it, and I voiced my concerns about household wa, which were well received. Dominic tried to keep us on-task with chore lists, which was helpful even for those of us who didn't think chores were the task we needed to keep on. Ramita didn't show, but forwarded her concerns through Ahmed. My concern re Remita is that this talk with Ahmed is apparently the first time she's actually spoken with anyone, and I don't read minds. But she's traveling for a month, so we don't have to deal with her physical presence, either.

Main Priorities: Grad School, work, housing.

Grad school: Need to write Dr. Harris, hopefully *today*, asking for appointment. Need to find who to write to at NY City schools (current list: Columbia, NYU, New School.).

Need to call Eden school and ask for an interview with Cindy; this classes as half-work, half-school for me. Professional Experience and references, and *might* also pay money.

Housing: No new leads. Aargh. Not sure I want to get into a new contract when I don't know where I'm going to school yet. Need to work with Gabe on his career plans to see if moving to NYC would be timely. Need to work on ficton to share with Zack so that a.) he doesn't get left out and b.) he has elements to contribute when we get to work on Spector Productions, or whatever we decide to name the entity. He writes, I produce, Gabe acts/sings/dances/shows off.

If the boys *do* go to Aikido, I'll have one, the other, or both of 'em every weekday afternoon. Yay!

Three different levels of DMV bullshit still on the agenda. Aargh.

Pleasant to be receiving responses; thank you, folks. I'm having fond fantasies about yez; some of yez would even enjoy 'em. Also a few entertaining fantasies about a couple of folks from the JPEX list; maybe I should drop 'em a note and see if they'd be interested in playing. Sarcastic comments about copious spare time should get inserted here, but since it's snowing like a sumbitch at the moment, it's not exactly like I'm going to be running around today.