March 14th, 2004

(no subject)

Sunday. Four possible house ads in the newspaper. Discussion group this afternoon in NYC.

Spoke with Mom last night. She pointed out my behavior looks like classic Displaced Homemaker, which makes sense. I'm building a New Me; what do I want to go into it?

Part of my dream is to find an existing poly couple or family and marry in with them. If they already have some kids, great; if not, we can start some. I've spent so much time and effort becoming a great Dad I don't want to just give that up. I'm thinking about the old European model of raising my kid's kids, too, if my kids are up for that. Difficult discussion to open when the older one doesn't want to admit that sex exists and the younger one has more social skills than the rest of the extended family combined.

So what do I want *aside* from more kids? I'll get back to this; I'm paying for this machine by the minute and I want to think about it for a bit.

Tomorrow, MOnday:
Call Cindy at EDEN;
write email for Dr. Harris. Mac still in the shop, so send it from the library or Cleo's.
Fill out substitute teaching application