March 24th, 2004

Mid-week. Brain? Brain?

Lost most of yesterday; took meds early enough, so I was stoned rather than in agony, which was an improvement. Working on Poly Family Con program, should have it done and posted when I get back from taking Gabe to dance. 9pmish.

Aikido last night odd; either I'm getting better at it, or it was a weak class. Took Zack for dinner at the Noodle House afterwards. Typical teen appetite; ate his dinner and half of mine.

Need to respond to whisperedstorm; she brought up a good point yesterday. (Was it yesterday? Time sense is shot.) Grad School is a good idea and unless I can come up with another, better idea that fits the same purpose I'm going to go with it. It's also incomplete. Implementing the Ficton Factory is another good idea, and FF and Grad School are complementary rather than exclusive. And also incomplete. There are three bits missing to the puzzle, and the five bits are mutually supporting. I *hope* it's five; five is the maximum number I can think on simultaneously, and if there are more elements than that I'm going to be stretched awful thin.

Currently trying to reconcile a bio of Jim Carrey with Hartmann's book "The Edison Gene" as applied to Zack, and to me working with Zack and Gabe. It does fit, really it does. And Terry Pratchett's relationship to Carry also applies. (Logical relationship, not personal; I don't know if they know each other.)

I go be productive now. Hugs, all.