April 1st, 2004

Off to LA

Getting ready to go to LA for a week, with both boys, to visit the Grandparents for Pesach. Yay!

Having trouble getting mental traction. Finished "The Edison Gene;" still working on "Good and Evil." Similarities between ADHD and Aspergers are obvious; since the "syndromes" are defined by their symptoms rather than root causes there's probably more definitional overlap than what the psych industry calls "comorbidity." Translation into English: "You've got both."

I've been running into folks for years who understand the mindset and know how to work with it; many software jocks glory in it. But it doesn't get any traction as a mainstream concept 'til the psych industry classes it as a disorder and starts paying money to treat it. How can we get recognition as an identity concept without having to be called a disorder? We're differently ordered, not *dis*ordered.

I'm not fully coherent on this yet; I'll try again later.