April 29th, 2004

Ducks, being nibbled to death by:

Let's see; what's going on in life?

I take Gabe to his dance class three times a week. Working on a fantasy story with him about the trip. His mom's working on him to get him to quit the class, convincing him that the time on the train is a tremendous waste of his childhood, and he should quit the best dance school in the Western hemisphere to go to a mediocre one near where she works. (That way he'd be out of my influence, and she wouldn't have to pay his transportation costs.)

Since I can't drive, I haven't been able to take Zack to Aikido or his Japanese class. I see him occasionally.

I'm continuing the various feuds with the DMV to try to get my license reactivated. In the meantime, public transit in NJ is great to New York City, and a joke if you're trying to get anywhere else.

I'm living in a boarding-house with Dominick, Achmed, Megan, Ranita, and Liz. Dom is a good guy; Achmed eats anything that's not nailed down, but at least he's a cheerful soul; Megan is pleasant when she's not being sick; Ranita's almost never here, and Liz is a fucking pain in the ass. Gotta be one in every crowd, I suppose. The idiot little turf battles are a waste of energy; I try to ignore them, but I do wish she'd stop washing the bathroom floor with my washcloth.

I don't have a sex life. LDR with Phyllis is still open, but I haven't seen her in about two years. Haven't even been able to jerk off. If I could scream I could try out for a part as Sam Kinnison.

Finally got my COBRA health insurance notice yesterday. If I can come up with $2500+ for coverage for the period from 12/08/03 through 04/08/04, they'll start my coverage. Gee, thanks, guys. Where was the coverage when I needed it? This one comes under the heading of Don't Fight That Battle; I'm not going to win against the NJ state health bureaucracy.

I'm still unemployed; it's time to take another swing at getting Any Job. With luck, I might even find one with health insurance, and thus do an end-run around the COBRA people. I don't imagine the market for IT project managers has improved any, though of course I'll take a look anyway; I'll check out Starbucks and such again. And the listings at the Department of Labor. And the substitute teaching paperwork, and the EDEN school, which is even related to what I want to study. Those last two would get me work for next September, though. Good, but not immediately helpful.

So I'm drowning in mundania, where what I need to do is concentrate on getting into graduate school. More on that shortly.

Another Duck

Just tried to call my old ex-landlord, who had kindly agreed to store all my worldly posessions in his basement 'til I had a house to put them in, in exchange for nominal rent. His phone is disconnected. I shall now bike over to his house and see if he's there. Even if he does still live there, he's probably not home, so I still have no way of knowing if, for example, all my goods were sold in a garage sale last week.

I think I have enough shit to start a fertilizer factory now; anyone know the current market rates for the stuff?