May 4th, 2004

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Haven't been doing enough posting. Sorry about that, folks; I'll work on improving the new habit. Noodging welcome.

Had another junk fiction attack over the weekend; did an all-nighter with it, which didn't either help or hurt much of anything, other than I *could* have spent the time doing more productive stuff. Off to the DMV today; it's possible I can cure 90% of my woes at one shot, but given the NJ DMV that's not a realistic expectation. More likely I'll find out what other dozen-odd things they want me to do first, but at least I'll have a checklist.

Feeling fine emotionally, but "thin." Like the ice on the river after several warm days. Not enough people to talk with.

(no subject)

Having panic attack, dammit. I'll try some breathing exercises, then maybe that bike ride. I really hate it when my metabolism and I quarrel this way.