May 9th, 2004

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Some chores to do, then off to Discussion Group.

Thinking about mourning customs. In sitting Shiva, one isn't supposed to bathe or groom oneself during the first week. Perhaps I should investigate the traditional custom more thorougly; the traditional process takes a full year. I'm thinking about this in terms of mourning for my lost marriage. Had I been able to engage in mourning more intensively, it might be over sooner.

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I read summerlady's post on patriotism.

I don't have quite her historical background -- all my grandparents came here in the early 20th century -- but I share her sentiment. And I suspect her ire is caused by a simple grammatical confusion on the part of some other posters.

The Administration is *not* the Country. Nor is the Government, which is an entirely different entity. This comment isn't new to me; it was old when Jefferson made it.

What *is* the Country? The sum total of the actions of its citizens? Possibly, but I don't think so. It's a very high-order abstraction. (Note to self: There isn't a formal terminology for abstractions yet; devise one. What *are* the orders of abstraction, and how do you tell?)