May 11th, 2004

Political Pissedness

There seem to be a lot more people than usual lately playing God. "I'm right; my opinion is right because I say it's right, and anyone who disagrees with me is wrong. Or evil. Yeah, evil is better. If you disagree with me you're evil."

Is it reasonable to lay responsibility for this at the feet of the Moron In Charge? It seem so to me, he was the first one to have the gall to say something as stupid as "If you're not with me, you're against me" in public.

The most recent example was on a geographically local-to-me list, where one poster was urging everyone to write *in support* of Rumsfeld, on the grounds that any and all criticism of someone connected with the Administration could *only* be a smear campaign orchestrated directly from Kerry Central, and *must* be countered immediately. Rummy couldn't *possibly* screw up on his own, after all. And the guy posting was an old Orthodox Jew; you'd think he could remember WWII, yes?

Me, I think the appropriate thing is for Rummy to be tried for treason, found guilty, stripped of his citizenship, and be deported to Tehran and abandoned in the public square at high noon. Bound and naked, of course.

I think Colin Powell is the *only* member of the Administration or Cabinet who does *not* deserve congruent treatment. He resisted quite a bit before selling out to Georgie; I think this earns him the dignity of being shot by a bunch of Marines. Burning at the stake would be appropriate for Condoleeza; Karl Rove seems a natural candidate for impalement on a short stake. Cheney could be smeared with Texas Crude and given a torch to carry. I think you get the general idea.

So how and why am I different than Georgie?

When I was a kid, the thing my Mom said that infuriated me the most was "It takes two to make a fight. If you didn't participate, there wouldn't be a fight." Bear in mind that at age twelve, I was four foot six and weighed maybe sixty pounds soaking wet. If another kid wanted a fight, I either succeeded at running away, fought back, or resigned myself to getting pounded into the pavement. And that's what I feel Georgie has done to the whole country; the guy who billed himself as the Great Reconciler has reduced the entire country to "I'm right and no one is allowed to say otherwise. Don't you DARE try to fight back."

For which he deserves *much* worse than Rummy. I think in order to find even a remotely fitting punishment we have to go back to the ancient Babylonian kings, who would torture their rival's families to death in front of them, and then put out their eyes with hot irons. But we do have a constitution here, despite Georgie's efforts to repeal it, and one of the amendments to it says "No cruel and unusual punishments." So I'd happily *settle* for a public hanging in the Washington Mall, with all the Bush family assets being seized and returned to the public treasury from which they've been embezzled. To be reasonable, it should include Jeb and Neil (? Not sure of other brother's name), as well.

Note to the secret service: I am *not* calling for assassination. I'm calling for impeachment, trial, and legal punishment. We as a nation *NEED* to say, publicly and unmistakably, "This is Wrong and We Will NOT Tolerate It."

The primary strength of a democracy is that it allows for a reasonable transfer of power. It is this fundamental value that Georgie is threatening, and I think he should die for it. And no, I don't think I'm being inconsistent here. I think Georgie is making a mockery of that value with his behavior, and is using the supposed sanctity of his office as a take-over-the-world tool.

My suspicion is that the only reason he *hasn't* been impeached is that the collected Ninnies of Congress are afraid that once the Public becomes aware that you *can* legally hang politicians, that they'll all be next. I haven't investigated them in individual detail, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if most of 'em deserve it.

I'm different from Georgie in that I haven't used false pretenses to gather power. I have maintained some personal integrity, and it is from within that integrity that I call for Georgie to be given the same treatment he has been trying to give others. We're not with you, therefore we're against you? Okay, we're against you. You want to suspend the rules? Okay, rules are off. We'll turn you over to the Babylonians.

All of the above is *far* too condensed, but I needed to get the outline out fast before it exploded. Anyone who wants to help me fill in the details is more than welcome to participate.


Joel. Pissed, as you could probably tell.

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Back from bike ride; about five miles for exercise, followed by a trip to the market. Got a new lock for the bike and twelve litres of drinks, which cumulatively cost more than I paid for the bike. Ah, bargain hunting.

Decided to write first, then read, which I hope to adopt as a new habit but figure it'll take a month or two to implement. Off to the reading, now.

hugs to them as what wants,