May 12th, 2004

Moms, and trips

I think I may have just written off my mother.

In a conversation earlier this week, she continued one of the classic Mom-Delivering-a-Speech-Pretending-to-have-a-conversation tactics, of going on with the point she wanted to talk on, repeatedly, at great length, and regardless of input. The only way I could get her attention was to scream, and then she told me screaming was "abusive." So now I'm an abuser, and she's a poor, pitiful victim. Classic mindfuck, and I've had all I'm going to take of it.

So I've cancelled the summer trip to LA for me and the boys. We'll still go to California -- I'd promised them the trip -- and visit my brother in Oakland, briefly. (Unless he decides he'd rather we hung around for a bit; up to him.) I'd promised Gabe a cross-country drive, so rather than get my Mom's old honda for free I'll have to buy something, and start the drive from Oakland. Zack will want to visit friends in L.A.; I can arrange the handoff from Taos on our way through.

Mom was also leaning on me to move to LA. I told her no fucking way in hell.

Without help from the folks, I can't afford healthcare. I'm watching my diet and exercise; as long as I don't get another heart attack and can find a subculture market for antidepressant drugs I should be okay. Just found out my new landlord's a pharmacist; this looks promising.


Joel. Running out of strings to cut, but it's fun not being a marionette.