May 13th, 2004


Okay, it's only about 83F outside. I do have two south windows here, though, so it's probably about 90F inside.

And I've got this laptop in my lap, which I've just realized puts out about 20F worth right into my lap. Gee, maybe that's why they call it a laptop. Y'think?

So I've figured out why I've sweated through my clothes.

Got a house to look at, as soon as the current tenant calls me back with the address. "Somewhere on 10th Street" isn't quite good enough.

Realtor friend has another one for tomorrow. Probably considerably tackier, and probably about $250/mo. cheaper. I'll see how the boys feel about 'em.

Sunday I can get the A/C units out of storage. Yay!

Ear mildew

Spent most of the evening on the phone. I've got a much better idea of how things are going with the Mom thing, now, despite the fact that she wasn't one of the ones on the phone.

First was Talking With Dad. This is what clued me in: Her calling for reinforcements is "Gee, I'm in deeper than I thought; maybe he'll pull my chestnuts out of the fire for me." Dad makes a very good messenger, when he so chooses; he conveyed her desire, which is of course for me to apologize to her and then do everything her way. I said no, and passed on my own message, which is that if there are any apologies that need to happen it's the other direction they need to happen in. He immediately recognized an impasse, and so ended the call.

Then spent some time talking with my sister. She knows Mom's games too, and so I got a lot of good reality-checking. No I'm not crazy, she really is like that. Good.

Feeling fairly wiped out, but good.