May 16th, 2004

(no subject)

Sunday morning, up an' about. The house I was going to take Zack to look at has rented already, which is annoying. I'll see if I can come up with another one for him to take a look at, but there aren't any in today's paper. Maybe the realtor will have one.

Spent yesterday helping Dani and Mer move. It feels good to be useful.

Phone interview tomorrow for PA job. Opportunity is good.

Guess I'll try again in a while and see if the brain is working any better.

(no subject)

Two hours later; still trying to get the brain running.

Sally on KF brought up three interesting questions:

Who's in charge? How do decisions get made? And how will conflicts be handled?

One principle I hold to is that any decision that needs to get made should be made at the lowest possible level it *can* get made at. For example: Where shall I live? I don't see any reason for anyone beyond *me* to get involved in the decision. Anyone to whom I have obligation can voice an opinion, but I get to decide. Marriage? It's the business of the people getting married; why does anyone else feel a need to get involved?

Who's in charge ties back to subject: Who is in charge *of what*?

Aargh. Am I making sense yet? How about pastry?