May 17th, 2004

Starting the week a day late...

Job Hunt stuff, driving stuff, Life Review, Inventing Civilization, and dealing with housemates. To proceed:

So in about two hours I'll call happypete and start winding up my brain for a phone interview for a quasi-military project management job. As soon as I'm firing on all cylinders, he'll hand me off to his boss's boss, if I have the hierarchy right, and b's b will then hand me off to another guy.

I've still got my PM chops, but it has been a while since I used 'em, and I'm going to have to keep my history straight. The most relevant experience was at Citigroup; second was at ING. They'll want to hear about Novix and Bowne, too, but that's about it. I should obsess more on my abilities than on historical record. Have to check with Pete on what order to bring 'em up in. Requirements analysis is big; document control and change order tracking are big, but they use different names for 'em. Need to learn the local lingo.

Hmm. Check with Pete on scheduling, also. Most folks aren't good for much before lunch on Monday. Might be better to call back.

At any rate, after this interview, I'll need to call my sister, get Doug's number from her, and call him re: jobs also. Don't know what J&J might have, and they'd certainly be good people to work for. And then apply at Starbucks, Baskin Robbins, Home Depot, and anyone else I can think of in order to get anything that pays money while I'm waiting.

And then off to DMV to get new plates for the van. And then Do "Something" about insurance for it. Tomorrow I go talk to the HP prosecutor; need to confirm what time.

ANd I need to do another Life Review to keep track of what I'm doing. Planning summer trip for boys, getting a real start on the Ficton Factory, helping Zack become a musician from a standing negative start - what else?

And there are multiple Civilization threads going on that I need to tie into a single ball to respond to, and post that response here, as well. utopiaquest and KinkForum are both running Civ101 threads at the moment, and I need to make the point that while it *is* necessary to have a decision-making process, that process not only doesn't need to be, but *shouldn't* be, the most important thing about the culture.

Hmm -- an interesting proposal: Make it flatly illegal to exercise executive authority; any citizen can grab the reins and try to run things, but any attempt to do so automatically results in criminal prosecution. If what you did was good for society in the opinion of your jurors, you get to go home. If not, not. Thoughts?

Liz-the-housemate asked for some of my time last night, and asked for help cleaning up the social situation in the household. She'd made herself sufficiently unpopular that some folks wanted her expelled and a couple were starting to hold out for defenestration instead. But now she wants to make nice. This is, in general, good. Teaching her how to make nice will be a challenge, and good practice for working on the same subject with Zack, who at least has the excuse of being sixteen.

I could also use a short casual sex relationship right now, but I don't know if I care for Liz enough to attempt such with her. She's within physical attractiveness limits, if barely, but what I've seen so far of the person inside I'm not sure I want to get any closer than I absolutely have to. But she certainly *would* be convenient.

Off to go get warmed up. How're y'all doin'?

(no subject)

Good day so far; mounted the air conditioner and the calendar, and had the phone interview with Pete's boss. Extremely *short* interview; it boiled down to: "Do you have direct hands-on military experience?" "No." "Goodbye." Pete thought it might have more to do with my having a "typical consultant's resume," i.e., a whole bunch of six-month jobs.

Pete suggested that I might do better with a strong cover letter describing my life in three-sentence summary style. Not a bad idea; I'll take a look at it.

Meanwhile, maybe I'll go down to Joel Levy's dojo and see if I can toss the sensei. He's twice my mass and the extra's *all* muscle; not bloody likely, but it'd be a good workout.