May 21st, 2004

Let's see if we can bring the brain on-board...

Cathy gives me a list to start off with:

Chaos Theory
Wave Particles
Psychic Abilities
Nature vs Nurture

To start with the easy ones:

We're the product of nature *and* nurture; it's not an opposition, it's a product.

Psychic abilities are generally wish-fulfillment fantasies on the part of those claiming to have them. It's possible there's something legit underneath all the hoo-ha, for example see Robert Jahn's work, but there's too much hoo-ha to be able to tell at the current decade. They're piling faster than we can shovel.

Chaos theory, genetics, and wave particles are all good research subjects, but difficult to discuss at this level of abstraction. Is there any issue related to these subjects you care to come up with? Genetics -- should we modify ourselves? I've no *inherent* objection, but it is a very high-risk endeavor. What do you propose to do about caring for the results of the botched experiments? Chaos theory is a branch of math dedicated to finding subtle patterns. Okay, good tool -- what subtle patterns did you have in mind to look for? Wave particles are one theoretical tool for conceptualizing matter -- again, what is it about this tool that you've got a question about?

Humor is a human necessity, and maybe I'll be better able to approach it after coffee.

LaDonne also asked about belly-button lint: Stuffing some remarkably small pillows, aren't we?


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Imagine that you've spent most of your life on a single-minded quest to develop self-control.

Now imagine a force powerful enough to cause your body to take action, *over the active and vehement objections* of that self-control. You *CANNOT* make your hand refrain from reaching out and grabbing the thing in front of you. It's your hand; the nerves *should* be under your control, but when you tell your hand to remain quietly on your lap, it doesn't listen to you.

Got it?

There's only a bit further it can go; when it feels like you're a passenger in your own skull, just there for the ride and watching/feeling/observing what the monkeymeat decides it's going to do.

Welcome to the brain of a seventeen-year-old male human in rut. When I engage in discussions about what to do re: sex drive, that's the sex drive I think about. I'm also reminded of my now-long-dead standard poodle, Michael, who had a similar drive; he ended up raping skunks, telephone polls, garbage cans, and would have tried human children except they were smart enough to sit down if he tried to mount them, resulting in lust-crazed poodle caroming down the hallway after inadvertantly hurdling small child.

There's more I want to do with this image, but I need to get the image out there, first. My internal name for the above is "Gee, I sure *hope* you're willing, because Sex is about to happen here."

I do get a lot of argument about the above. One stereotypical source was a lesbian friend in california who insisted that, because she owned and used a strap-on, she knew all there was to know about being male. I pointed out that for $25 (at the time) I could go buy a rubber vagina, too; would that magically imbue me with all of what it meant to be a lesbian? While she agreed her initial assertion was out of line, it also more or less killed the discussion.

So shortly I'll get back to "what *is* sex, and what can we do about it?"

Feel free to toss whatever other thoughts you've got handy into the pot.


Joel. Off to engage in Food, another of those basic drive thingies.

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Silver Tiger commented, in response to another post:

"I was talking to my friend Jake about this. With it being so easy to have your entire teaching career shattered by one false accusation of sexual misconduct, and with society SO willing to believe purported evils about men, is it any wonder they don't want to go into the profession?"

This touches on an issue that I want to get into, but the train of thought widens so rapidly it's easy to get lost in it.

The rules of conversation are made by the people engaging in the conversation. If we're conversing, and I yell at you, and you yell back, we've just made the rule that yelling is an acceptable form of conversation by our rules for conversing.

My own experience of being male in American culture is that I am expected to lead, and I am expected to get everything right the first time. Anything less is considered negligence on my part.

My primary life-role has been Father and Husband. I may end up becoming a teacher in order to continue that, as teaching in their high school is one sure way of getting access to my sons. I do this by ignoring the risks; Flashy-fur is right: I may at any point be accused of sexual impropriety, regardless of my behavior, and in the current culture accusation is substantially the same as conviction.

So why would I do it?

Because it's the best option open to me. My sons are a part of who I am, and I'll do whatever I can to help them.

It's rigged, but it's the only game in town.

Just re-read this; it's an interesting point, but not the one I meant to address when I started writing. Have to try again later.


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