May 24th, 2004

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Monday. And Thursday afternoon we leave on a road trip. Yay, roadtrip, but I've got to get stuff done between now and then.

Got up to a rousing thunderstorm, but fell back asleep. Yesterday was fun but strenuous, prepping for picnic and throwing kids around for several hours.

Gabe to dance today, and my bank hasn't sent me my new bank card yet, so I need to physically go to them to get cash for the train tickets.

Working on a post to PolyFamilies, where Lisa has some interesting ideas and some rather idiosyncratic use of language. Good content to the conversation, but it is work keeping it up.

Not raining right this minute; should get my exercise while I've got the chance to do it outdoors. More soon.

(no subject)

Had a nice walk/talk with barking_iguana this morning. Discussing mindbending heroes for a new mythos; came up with three. An aggressively submissive gay, who deals with hypermacho types by *insisting* on getting fucked (imagine Elton John on a hot date with Robert DeNiro), a Catwoman model who claims fierce independence but, like real cats, is not so independent or so sex-motivated after all, and Super Slut.

Now to figure out what I'm going to *do* with these characters...