May 26th, 2004

Anticipating interruptions

because my primary method of transportation right now is bicycle, and it's looking very about-to-downpour outside.

We leave on road-trip tomorrow afternoon. I'm guessing the van will get here around 4pm, though I'd *hope* for earlier. I take Gabe to dance this afternoon at 3pm. Between now and then I have two errands I *have* to run, and two more I'd *like* to:

Errand #1: Go to the bank and get cash for the trip. Since my bank just merged and killed my ATM card, whatever cash I get is all I've got for the trip. I also need to get a tape recorder, so as to be able to save the good bits of conversations with the boys during the trip, but Radio Shack is directly next door to the bank, so that's trivial. And the Rag Shop is three doors further down, so I can get the patch I need for my olive pants. Bank doesn't open 'till 9am; Radio Shack 'til 10am.

Errand #2: Go to Wal-mart and buy a tent for the weekend. And a couple of pairs of shorts, while I'm at it. And some super-soakers for the boys, if I've still got bucks for it.

Errand #3: The DMV. I *could* do this after the trip, but if I can get it done now, better.

And there was a #4 when I started writing this list, but I think it's hiding behind the bookshelf, now.

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Errand #1 complete, with much sogginess. foxiecrumz suggested a rain tarp to go with the tent in Errand #2; I'll check it out, but with the kind of tent I generally prefer it'd be a bit redundant.

Think I may go take a shower, first; at least that water is *warm*.

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Errand #2 complete, and Gabe successfully to and from his dance class. He ate two dinners tonight, one before and one after. I suspect a looming attack of adolescence sometime soon. Sleepytime.