June 3rd, 2004

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Second morning with the subcritical headache. Got a few more meds left, then need to find and check out black market. Looking for Arthrotec. Failing or until that, getting somewhat drunk kills the pain enough to function, at the cost of some known impairment of judgement.

Need to pay rent today; hope I've got it. Bank is now three weeks behind with the new ATM card (I didn't lose it; they merged), so I have to physically go there and get cash to put in landlord's hand, instead of using the ATM up the block.

Big Thing to Do today is go down to Trenton and beard the DMV in their den. Whee. Other Big Thing is to clean up the paper drift and file it. Getting either one done will mean having had a productive day. Also need to finalize PolyFamCon planning, both as Events Coordinator and my personal travel plans and gear-gathering.

My, how cheerful. Okay, cheerful: Been having fun fantasies about doing things with ex-sweetie. Won't happen (not her kink), but the fantasies are fun.