June 4th, 2004

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Concrete to-do's: Contact old landlord about new vacancy; I might get to move back to the old place. Take boys to see it this afternoon, if possible. Set up an alternative so they get to choose; see if Stanley would rent to me (Stan's a friend from shul; he and Muriel are in their 70s and their kids live elsewhere. Built-in adoptable grandparents; a mixed blessing but overall good.)And it's a Gabe dance-day today, so that's the afternoon. Anyone up for dinner and/or coffee at Lincoln Center?

(no subject)

Contacted old landlord; he'd rented the new unit within six hours of listing it. Phoo.

Have a job lead to follow up on at Radio Shack; it's minimum-legal shitwork, but it's paying work.

Need to handle the bills I ordinarily pay on-line with the ATM card I don't currently have, too. Breakfast, first.

And then find a way to buy meds.