June 9th, 2004

Kids, and visits

Still haven't touched Monday's list, other than getting Gabe into the city. Turns out his dance class had been cancelled, so we watched Harry Potter instead. He hasn't been getting bathed at Ex's house; may have to start taking him home from dance and having him shower at my place.

Taking Zack to the doctor today; Ex is loaning me one of her cars for the purpose. She's too busy working to be a parent, of course. I suspect Zack's problems of being 90% emotional (Aspie allergy to power games is my guess), but getting a blood test anyway doesn't hurt. Could be mono, or a reocurrance of his early-childhood anemia.

Need to get back on track with grad school. Since what I'm really studying is all of what it means to be human, I've been considering both psych and the rabbinate. Both touch on what I'm after, but neither one covers it. I'll see if I can set up a conference with Reb Yankle on the NY poly list to discuss the rabbinate; he might be more helpful than school.

Need to finish planning coast-to-coast trip, too. Who'd like to get visited? Current plans are to leave sometime mid-to-late Julyish from LA, stop in Tucson and Taos, visit people in Denver, and then on to Iowa City with a possible stop in Omaha. From there to Polycamp in W. Va. on August 7th and 8th, and then loop back to catch Pennsic.

There'll be a separate trip up the west coast from LA to Seattle for me to pick up the boys; their mom having decided to take 'em to Vancouver for a week and the handoff being at my cousin's place in Fremont. Anyone in the coast states who's up for company between July 1st and 10th, say something.

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Zack's doctor's office was not competent to draw blood, so they sent us to a lab, which was closed. During all the driving about, I discussed his medications with Zack, and it seems to me more and more that it's the meds themselves that are the problem. So I strongly suggested an exercise program, and he agreed to give it a try. So we went to Wal-mart and bought him a bicycle, and we're going riding together tomorrow at 6:30am. If he can keep this up for a few weeks, we'll see how it works.

Then took Gabe to dance, and shortly *I* need to go sleep.