June 11th, 2004

(no subject)

Up and ready, and I've got an hour before I wake Zack for his morning bike-ride.

Spent last night at a municipal court. Usual kind of bullshit; they want to fine me because *another* mu. court sent a notice to me at the wrong address that I didn't honor. How I'm supposed to honor a notice I didn't receive isn't *their* problem, after all.

And I'm thinking about when *I* was Zack's age. Moman'Dad were still married, for me, but the base reality was Go To School. Parents had no idea what went on in school, but school was The Thing To Do. Never saw much of Dad, or had much of an idea what he did or why he did it. Mom ran the house, and the power-games of doing so were the center of her universe, and have been ever since.

And, like Zack, I was (and still am) very interested in the question of How do I Decide What I Want? It's more complex for him, though, because of the mood-altering medications. How do you tell if you want something when you can take drugs to change how you feel?