June 12th, 2004

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Had a great thought, got up to write... and lost it. Phoo.

Partly had to do with why journal-writing is a useful tool. The catch is if something is entirely inside my head, it's too easy to revise. I can generate plans, dreams, and goals at the drop of a neuron; it's too easy to simply start de novo every time. So how can I tell if I'm making progress?

Bonus question: Is progress an illusion? I think it may or may not be, depending on circumstance.

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I've spent twenty years building polyamory, and from what I see on polyamory, the concept may be about to get its fifteen minutes of fame and then vanish into a pile of journalism. Journalism itself may be an obsolescent and dying concept, for that matter. So what do *I* want to do?

Create a social entity capable of carrying meaning through time. I'd used the word "community" for a while, 'til it got overused into near-meaninglessness.

Part of *what* I want to communicate over time is an identity concept. This is part of what is fascinating to me about being Jewish; it's a five-thousand year old identity concept and it still works. I'm still working on "why?" and "How?", but it *does* work. And a part of my concern with it is that it needs to make better acknowledgement of contemporary contribution, or there's no value in making such a contribution.

Example: Assume for discussion I spend five years writing a book, and it's a good book. Many people have done so; look at a wall in any random rabbi's study and you'll find a few thousand of 'em. But if the rabbi never refers people *to* those books, but only to the Tanakh, what good was it to write 'em?

Brain still not well-engaged. I'll go thwonk it on something and try again.