June 15th, 2004

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Went bike-riding with Zack this morning; he's getting the idea. Took off uphill like his tail was on fire, which if he continues to ride like that it probably will be. Had a geektalk on the Functioning of Derailleurs.

Crashed hard and early last night, which may have been a good thing. Didn't get around to the fantasy writing, though. Have dire need to sort paper this morning; nonetheless debating writing a fantasy first and *then* getting out the snow shovel.

Network Theory

I seem to recall a couple more subjects I'll need to fit into the study plan, but they're not coming to mind at the moment. Coffee.

Possible new house to rent

Looked at a place today that might work.

Layout: We came in through the back, which has a small but workable eat-in kitchen. Door from there into Traffic Exchange Room, which has "front" door, door to "master" bedroom (9x12), door to bathroom, two closets, and archway to dining room. Dining room has further big, open archway into living room. Both rooms have ceiling fans. Second bedroom (9x8) is off to the right of the living room, and has its own separate entrance door.

Advantages: It's available, it's cheap by local standards, it's between the two schools, close to the library, and Zack saw it with me and said it looked fine to him. Nice balcony off the back door.

Disadvantages: Third-floor walkup on a busy street. Would require odd living arrangement or habits, such as me living in the living room and the boys getting the bedrooms. Don't know if it comes with any storage at all. Opposite side of town from the college and the Y. Very close to my ex. I didn't see any laundry hookups; they *might* exist in the basement. I'll have to ask.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not. It's here, it's available, and this is a real tight town for real estate. Anyone have thoughts or opinions to offer?