June 21st, 2004

New Daydream! Oooh!

David is the guy whose place we looked at yesterday morning. He's divorcing (amicably), and has to buy his STBX out of the house. Big house in a nice neighborhood, that's a lot of bucks. So he's looking to create an apartment in his basement and rent it out.

Some contractor friend of his gave him an entirely misleading idea of what this entails, basically making it sound like "Throw five grand on your lawn, and in a month or two rent out the basement apartment for $500/month!" Fortunately, he doesn't trust his contractor-friend's advice, much. For five grand he can create a one-bedroom slum that he then has to live over.

I'm not sure yet what it'd cost to do the job up nicely. But I do know I can promise and deliver to him nearly three times the money he'd been anticipating, in return for *his* help and cooperation with *my* projects, which wouldn't cost *him* much.

So my idea is to enlist David's cooperation, and move all my stuff from various storage over to his place. While I'm travelling, I can work on designs for his house, and email back and forth with him about what he thinks of 'em. When I get back from travelling on August 24th, I start by building three or four MicroHice in his backyard to house people during construction. And then we get to work on the building, while I work also on getting into grad school. Appications will probably need to be in by late October; I can check and get hard data on that.

I can't reasonably call him for another half-hour or so, but it's nice to have a new daydream to play with!

David has a seven-year old son, and a daughter I guess to be about three or four. His son is also named Zack, and was waving a plasic sword around the whole time I was there. I smell a potential SCA recruit. 8^)

In the meantime I should probably go do a cardio workout, shower, dress, get in touch with happypete, and other mundanities.