June 25th, 2004


Got eleven out of fourteen items on the To Do list done; pretty good.
Still haven't packed for tomorrow, but all the laundry's clean, folded, and put away, and I've got an overnight bag ready to stuff in the morning.

David indicated he wasn't willing to work out a tenanting agreement with me, so I have to get back on the housing market. And find someplace to store the van 'til I get the paperwork sorted out. And I've got three days next week to do all this in; then I'm off to LA. And after four days in LA I'm off to Portland for Callihanicon, monkeys, and epiphanies, and thence to Seattle for another Polycamp, a cousin to visit, Ron, and Shey, and thence back through Portland to the SF bay area, and then back to LA.

And then to Tucson, Taos, Denver, Omaha, Iowa City, and Seneca Rocks W. Va. And then Pennsic. And then back to NJ and fall down. Someplace. Anyone along this route who wants a visit, give me a holler.