July 2nd, 2004

In LA...

...with my parents. Good visit so far; had long talk with Dad yesterday about childhood issues and how they affect me raising my own kids.

in five days I leave to go get the boys. Need to call the Seattle folk and confirm visits with 'em. Oregon already confirmed; we'll hit the bay area on the way back down.

I need to learn how to use this journal differently. I notice that I'm a perfectionist, and I try to make each post elegant in its own way. The result is that I don't post much, and then generally on lists, in response to someone else bringing up an issue on which I have a strong opinion.

I need to learn to just write what's on my mind, and write a lot of it. Syndicated columnists do a thousand words a day; where are my thousand words? How am I going to get the whole idea comlex out of my head if I don't use the words to do it with? How can I affect people if I'm not generating an effect? Gotta write MORE.

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Amazing; I'm much more sensitive than I'd thought. Not sure that's a good thing. One jerk makes a snide comment not even to my face and my nose is out of joint for days. Need stiffer nose.

Reacting to stimulus instead of constantly being the protagonist is common practice; I don't need to start *everything* new. See Dave Barry's columns for example; most of them start with something happening to him, rather than him happening to something.

Well, that's twenty minutes; good for a start. I have to call Zack and have a long talk with him today; he called me about midnight last night and I wasn't awake enough to be useful. Have a letter to write today as well, and a scheduling talk with my folks. Which kid will be with me when and for how long on the cross-country trip?