July 3rd, 2004


...can be stultifying. Some habits in my parents' house:

It's impolite to wake people up without a pressing reason.
Mom presides over meals.
Mom gets out of bed whenever she feels like, which will be some time between 7am and 10am.
Dad gets up fairly reliably between 6am and 7am, and reads the paper 'til Mom rises.

OTOH, if I'm here and want to get a morning started, this is crazy-making.

So today I got up, got dressed, grabbed a quick snack to put something in my belly so my meds would stay there when I swallowed them, swallowed the meds, and went out for a bike ride. I'm now productively hot and sweaty; Mom is now up, and after Family Breakfast I can take a shower, change, and get a day started.

Questions of the day: What is a Family, and how do you tell?