July 6th, 2004

Horniness and house fantasies

Up at 4am. Have to write and mail one letter, then pack, then I'm on the road. Visiting RuthAnne for dinner, then crashing with Dawn. Daniel's in NY (irony), so I'll visit him on the way back. Probably hitting the road right after an early lunch. Am I missing anybody?

Woke up horny today,which sort of died after I hit the bathroom. Full bladder and/or bowel can do that. Yet some folks get very insulted if I'm horny because *I'm* *horny*, rather than in response to them, their sexual wiles, or their personal bodies. Seems to be a double standard; same people get upset if I expect them to respond *to me* instead of being horny just because *they're* horny. Anyone else smell basic power-game mindfuck here?

Horniness is supposed to be a cheerful subject; amazing how that deteriorated. Anyone have a Big House fantasy they'd like to share?

My own favorite grew out of an early-adolescence exercise in designing a living-room with ideal acoustics. It (the LR) is roughly pentagonal, very big, has a sloped two-pane cathedral ceiling, a section of dropped floor, and a big stone fireplace. That grew into a Big House by adding bedroom clusters upstairs. Each cluster is centered on a Sitting Room, which has its own individual staircase in it and a common area. The bedrooms open off that, and the bathrooms are between the bedrooms, generally two BRs per bath. The clusters are of nearly soccer-ball geometry, with hexagonal sitting rooms and pentagonal bedrooms. Baths are rectangular.

The clustering approach is my best approach to ideal poly housing. Family subunits can take whole clusters of bedrooms, and have semi-private space. Clusters are of four, five, and six bedrooms. There are three "holes" in the tiling pattern upstairs, leading to upstairs rooms that are *not* immediately accessible to one of the staircases. One is a big spa; one is a music room/library.

There's an entryway behind the "high wall" of the living room, and hallways extend in both directions from it. Go to the left and you come to the kitchen/eating area/utility area; go to the right and you come to the garage, the study, and another bedroom cluster.

With one addition -- duplicate the "upstairs" bedroom floor underneath, as well, and add sunken gardens -- it's got enough rooms to double as a bed-and-breakfast.

So, that's my House Fantasy for the day. You got one to share?