July 9th, 2004


In Portland and/or Tigard, visiting the Monkey. We went to Powell's yesterday, where I bought only four books and returned four more. Took some writing exercises from the ones I returned, though.

Three self-help books: Don't Worry, Make Money; How We Choose To Be Happy, and Living Life On Purpose. I can write my own essay on each topic and then follow my own advice.

The other books was Should You Leave, by Peter Kramer, who'd written Listening to Prozac. I'm aware of the problem and can deal with it myself.

Edward also recommended Aztec, by Gary Jennings, for the same reason Shogun was a good read. I got a couple of Pratchetts instead, this time.

Went to the Callihanicon dinner afterwards; met Malcolm and Nicole and many other people. Took them over to Malcolm's place afterwards. They're going to be doing gaming today. I'll call Zack when I'm done here, and see a.) if he'd like to join them, and b.) if he's geographically close enough to do so.

Do that now. Write more later, about Rudders.