July 19th, 2004

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Off the meds long enough that I'm waking up with rock-hard erections every morning. No one I know here in LA who wants to play with one, though.

Having trouble getting LJ cuts to work; let's see if this cuts or goes through: Collapse )

Why Is It...

that if you lose a job, the Conventional Advice is to take *any* job, *right now*, so as to be doing something, whereas the Conventional Advice with Relationships is to Wait For The One?

Seems to me the Relationship Corollary to the Job Advice would be to get involved with Anyone, Right Now, so as to be able to be coming from *something.*

Thoughts? Opinions? Vegetables?

Identity and androids

Just got back from seeing I, Robot, with Zack, Gabe, and Caro. Excellent flick. Dr. Ike would have approved.

Will Smith is cast as a cop, as he is in many of his movies -- but he plays the part of a warrior, not a cop. He's Defending The People, not Keeping the Peace. I'm all in favor of warriors, mind, but cops should not be warriors. Retired warriors, fine -- but waging war and keeping peace are not the same job, and take different mindsets.

Maybe I'll get to write this evening. That would be good.