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More Talks with Dad
I'm trying to explain to him why I need to reconcile/correlate Judaism, polyamory, Aspergers syndrome, and kink/psychology of power.

Part of the reason it's being hard is that he had an Orthodox upbringing, and then left it. So he got the benefit of the mental structuring, and then threw away the bullshit that went with it.

Me, I had a reform upbringing, in his household. No bullshit; also very little structure. Lots of time as prisoner in a public school. So now I'm trying to invent a structure.

Need to do both the general theory and the specific and concrete application. I need an uki, a sparring dummy. Anyone want to pretend with me? Assume we-all are getting married and building a family. What's in it? Why?

The clock starts to press...
Feeling fairly off, which I think is causing the insomnia rather than resulting from it. Lots on my mind though, and I'd like to try to get some of it out.

Talks with Dad continuing...Collapse )