July 30th, 2004

Insomnia in Colorado

It took me two and a half hours, but I finally got the 'Update' screen to load. Connectivity in Bumfuck, Colorado means how well you can chat someone up in the bar, I guess.

The polyfolk I'm visiting here have Evil Ex issues, so I'll have to fictionalize 'em a bit. Evil Exes *do* do netsearches, after all. They're good folks, and I like 'em, even if the cats used my air mattress for a sharpening post. Fourteen cats; the household agrees this is getting out of hand, but the kittens are just *too* cute to get rid of, by their standards. Me, I'd make fur slippers and stew.

Thinking about what I'll pay the rent with when I get back is what has me up and worrying, and also how to deal with the courts when I file my next papers. I'll be pro se this time; no bucks for lawyers. But I'll have a car this time, so I can actually *get* to the courthouse. (Last time I filed for a change in venue, but since I couldn't get to the courthouse to argue the point, they wouldn't change venue to a courthouse I can actually get to. Legal logic.)

Gabe had a good time playing with two of their kids; the combined family has half a dozen offspring, but some of the offspring are bigger than I am, and they're starting to Move Out Into The World. A good thing in a small house.

Thinking about legal issues gets me into fury much too fast; I need to cut that out. I need to do a rant on extremism.