August 6th, 2004

In West Virginia, with the old polyclan

Arrived here early yesterday, only 1pm (and everyone working 'til 5). So took a nap. Jerry (ex-cohusband) arrived about dinnerish; Candice expected tomorrow evening up at Seneca Rocks. Phyl, Peter, and Karen all right here, of course; they live here. nellardo and the Evil Ex are the only ones not here, and as far as EE is concerned, that's great by me.

That Schwarzenegger point from yesterday: His progress is due to having clearly defined and reachable goals. Good so far; I know how to set goals. But there's a language element; if your goals are to be both precise and concise, the language needs to have words for what you're doing. Gay activists are a good example; they couldn't really make progress 'til gay culture was well enough defined to point to -- until then, the term had no referent.

Some of the stuff I want to do will require defining language. Okay, time to get to it. Zack wants to study Lojban with me; that'll do as a place to start.